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Janis Medina, CA

“When medication doesn't work, it is aunt luvs to the rescue."

TIffani Rae, Ca

"Best thing I've ever used.... Amazing tweaked my neck man it does wonders... Took 5 minutes to work able to move and relax...."

Sam B, CA

“Got a hold of some Aunt Luv's medicated lotion.... Hands down some of the best relief I've ever felt!!! 10/10..”
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Hello Everyone,

Let Auntie spill the tea about myself.  I am a 100% Retired Disabled U.S. Woman Navy
Veteran, born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

From a young age, known as a person full of heart, love, and enthusiasm to help others. My passion led to loving others and caring for many, random anonymous acts of kindness, and much more. Aunt to everybody who meets me.

Growing up wanting to make the world a better place, I followed in the footsteps of family
members and join the military. That same spirit was taken to the U.S. Navy, where my family grew even bigger. It was there I was able to live out my dream of not just working on the airfield, but working in the dental field as well. Eventually was Honorably discharged some years later and continued serving through other services for Veterans.

During my time serving, severe lower back pain, PTSD, anxiety, and other medical issues
took a toll on my body. Pain pills were not an option for me. Had to find different modes of pain relief. The search was on for something different. Went through several products before finding out that CBD Holistic Healing was a great route. CBD worked so well just had to share this pain relief with others.

Aunt Luv takes pride in being humble, trustworthy, reliable, and full of Luv. Supplying CBD
holistic healing through bath bombs, tinctures, essential oils, and much more. this is my pleasure and my Luv. So come on and join my family of wellness and Luv.

Aunt Luv

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